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Prevent Child Abuse America working in partnership with Channing Bete Company(R)

Separated and co-parenting couples, single moms or dads, grandparents raising grandchildren… As you know, families face complex challenges, with children impacted at every step of the way. We recognize that your goal is to help parents and guardians consistently provide the care, support, stability, and love that children need.

These affordable, easy-to-follow titles -- developed in partnership with Prevent Child Abuse America -- feature a positive tone, motivational support, and critical advice for parents and guardians. They're designed to be both informative and engaging -- so people will read, remember, and act on their guidance. Take a look, then place an order for prompt delivery when you're ready.

Co-Parenting -- Together Or Apart (EM706948)A explains how children benefit when parents work together and the harm that can be done when they don't. Helps parents build a strong parenting team that's supported by:

  • good communication
  • healthy child-discipline practices
  • involvement in their child's life.

Includes special advice for parents who have divorced or separated.

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16 pages, 5 1/2" x 8"
Item no. (EM706948)A

Succeeding As A Single Parent
(EM706686)A empowers single parents with a can-do approach to meeting the practical and emotional challenges of raising their child. Helps parents adopt a positive attitude and offers strategies for:

  • making ends meet
  • improving job situations
  • balancing home and work.

Also reminds readers of the importance of taking care of themselves, and tells how to nurture their relationship with their child.

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16 pages, 5 1/2" x 8"
Item no. (EM706686)A

Raising Your Grandchild: A Tough But Rewarding Job (EM706383)A explains the benefits to a child of being raised by a grandparent, and discusses necessary adjustments and accommodations that must be made. Includes information on:

  • financial obligations
  • housing and job issues
  • schooling
  • communicating with grandchildren.

Also offers tips for children's health and safety and practical advice concerning documents and legal rights of children and grandparent caregivers.

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16 pages, 5 1/2" x 8"
Item no. (EM706383)A

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