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January 9, 2019  

Kids with Good Family and Teacher Relationships
Are More Likely to Intervene to Prevent Bullying and Retaliation
A study conducted by North Carolina State University and the University of South Carolina examined how family, peer, and teacher relationships contribute to the likelihood that a student who witnesses bullying will intervene to stop it. The study involved 450 sixth graders and 446 ninth graders, who completed a survey regarding their relationships with family, peers, and teachers. After the survey, the students were given six bullying scenarios and asked to rate how bad each scenario was and how likely they would be to intervene. "The study tells us that both home and school factors are important for recognizing bullying behavior as inappropriate and taking steps to intervene," says Kelly Lynn Mulvey, assistant professor of psychology at NC State. "It highlights the value of positive school environments and good teachers, and the importance of family support, when it comes to addressing bullying."
Read more here.
Encouraging parents and students to do their part to prevent bullying and to help create a positive school climate is important, not just in the early grades but all through high school. Our "Positive School Climate" Carry Bag Kit (High School Edition) (EM92728) features an array of publications that encourage high school teens and their families to work toward preventing bullying, resolving conflicts, and embracing differences so that everyone is treated with respect.
The spacious, reusable 11" x 15" bag offers plenty of room to include additional materials. This carry bag kit includes the following parent- and teen-targeted publications:
  • Parenting Corner -- Promoting A Positive School Climate (High School Edition) (EM92722)T
  • Parenting Corner -- End Bullying Now! (High School Edition) (EM91094)T
  • Sync Magazine -- Building A Healthy School Climate (EM92059)T
  • School Safety -- Keeping Tabs® On Preventing Violence (EM81970)B
Bag measures 11" x 15"
Magazines are 12 pages, 8 1/2" x 11"
The kit makes a great handout at teacher conferences.
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8 Trending Headlines in Education News
Gentle Nudges as Simple as Text Messages Make Families More Aware of the Importance of Attendance, according to Researchers
Despite Unique Challenges, Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Manage as Well as Parents, according to Research Presented at the American Academy of Pediatrics 2018 National Conference
Restorative Practices Help Break the Cycle of Bullying in One Washington, D.C., School, Notes a Communities in Schools Article
The Fresno Language Project: For Dual-Language Preschoolers, Talking to Their Parents and Involving Them in the Classroom Boosts English Language Skills
More Education Reformers Are Questioning the Value of Testing in Assessing School Performance, according to a Chalkbeat Article
Researchers at Arizona State University Find That in High-Achieving Schools, Teens' Mental Health Is Tied to Relationships with Parents
With So Many Families Disrupted by the Opioid Crisis, Teachers Become First Responders, according to a Hechinger Report Article
2018 National Youth Tobacco Survey Reveals a Sharp Rise in E-Cigarette Use among Young People

Find parent and family engagement publications on attendance, grandparents raising grandchildren, restorative practices, parent involvement, test preparation, middle school parents, opioids, and smoking and vaping here.

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Upcoming Events
Boost awareness and support students and parents in your school community -- by taking advantage of national events!
National Teen Dating Violence Prevention and Awareness Month (February)
This teen-targeted magazine and tabbed quick reference guide help steer students toward healthy relationships.
Explore resources to promote National Teen Dating Violence Prevention and Awareness Month.

Read Across America Day (March 2)
This engaging magazine for parents and fun workbook for children encourage reading at home for pleasure and bonding.
Explore resources to promote Read Across America Day.

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Teaching Parents How to Ask the Right Questions Can Improve Parent Engagement in Students' Education
An Education Dive article reports that using the Question Formulation Technique with parents -- an exercise sometimes used to help students learn how to ask, categorize, and reflect on questions -- can help them overcome feelings of intimidation about engaging in their child's education. Also important in encouraging parent involvement is for teachers to avoid using education jargon, to not condescend to parents, and to keep up regular communications to help build relationships.
Read the article here.
11 Tips For Great Parent-Teacher Communication in English (EM24765)A and Spanish (EM25010)A is a quick-reading, list-style booklet that encourages family engagement and motivates parents to develop a constructive working relationship with their child's teacher. Booklet provides a list of tips that urge parents to:
  • introduce themselves early in the school year
  • agree on preferred means of communication
  • share important information about their child
  • be respectful
  • keep an open mind
  • make the most of parent-teacher conferences
  • volunteer in school
…and much more!
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8 pages, 5 1/2" x 8"

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