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Whether it's understanding how a child's brain develops, bonding with a baby, or practicing good self-care after childbirth, new parents can really benefit from having research-backed information and guidance on hand to refer to whenever they need it. Distributing the publications featured here at prenatal checkups, in maternal-child health programs, and during home visits can put this important information within easy reach, and provide much-needed reassurance to new parents, day or night.

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Great Beginnings Start Before Birth: Caring For Yourself During Pregnancy in English (EM706645)B and Spanish (EM706653)B
This book is an excellent way to promote practices known to contribute to infant health. Topics covered include:

  • pre- and postnatal emotional and physical health
  • fetal development
  • the importance of getting early and regular prenatal care and avoiding harmful substances
  • bonding with baby before birth
  • preparing for labor and delivery
  • bottle- and breastfeeding
  • gathering baby supplies.

24 pages, 8 1/2" x 11"
Item no. (EM706645)B

Great Beginnings After Baby's Birth: Starting Your New Life Together (EM707095)B
This supportive guide focuses on helping new mothers recover from childbirth physically and emotionally and adapt to the changes that a new baby brings. Includes practical advice on:

  • soothing common discomforts
  • prioritizing self-care
  • coping with mood swings
  • recognizing the signs of postpartum depression
  • strengthening partner and family relationships
  • helping siblings adjust
  • planning a return to work.

24 pages, 8 1/2" x 11"
Item no. (EM707095)B

Parent-Child Bonding: Building Your Child's First Relationship: Birth To Age 3
This booklet helps parents understand the importance of bonding and how it supports their child's social and emotional development. Easy-to-follow text and upbeat illustrations:

  • emphasize that bonding is an ongoing process
  • provide age-specific tips
  • note that frequent interaction is key
  • offer advice on addressing obstacles to bonding, such as health, emotional, or substance abuse issues.

16 pages, 5 1/2" x 8"
Item no. (EM707218)A

Helping Children's Developing Brains (EM706743)A
This booklet offers clear explanations of the positive and negative effects parents' and caregivers' behavior can have on normal brain development from before birth through the first years of life. The booklet:

  • offers tips on prenatal health
  • describes ways to give a child nurturing attention
  • clarifies the ways in which child abuse negatively impacts brain growth and development.

16 pages, 5 1/2" x 8"
Item no. (EM706743)A

Preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome: Keeping Your Cool When Baby Keeps Crying (EM706048)A
This booklet offers tips on calming a crying baby and managing stress in positive ways. The booklet:

  • includes a description of the very serious damage infants can suffer if shaken even briefly
  • discusses warning signs of shaken baby syndrome
  • encourages parents to educate baby sitters and other caregivers about why they should never shake a baby.

16 pages, 5 1/2" x 8"
Item no. (EM706048)A

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