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February 6, 2019  
Study: Parents Talk Tech with Their Kids, but Not about What to Watch or Download
Most parents are quite willing to spend time teaching their children how to use mobile devices and other Internet technology. But according to a new study, online safety is too often left out of the conversation. Researchers at the University of Michigan found that parents and children spend little time talking about the content of the programming kids view online. In fact, children are more likely than parents to bring up content issues. "One of the most challenging aspects of parenting today is being aware of what children are exposed to online, particularly content delivered via mobile devices," said lead researcher Sarah Domoff. "Thus, it is critical that parents utilize privacy settings and restrictions to protect children from certain content."
Read more here.
11 Tips For Your Child's Online Safety in English (EM24233)A and Spanish (EM24438)A provides parents with a clear picture of the risks associated with the Internet. Action-oriented tips:
  • encourage parents to discuss Internet safety with their child, explain dangers and ways to minimize them, monitor their child's online activity, set rules, and use privacy settings
  • warn about the potential consequences of sexting.
Features a count-the-ways list of action-oriented information!
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8 pages, 5 1/2" x 8"

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7 Trending Headlines in Public Health News
Parents Who Give Children an Opportunity to Practice with Money Are Making a Wise Investment, according to Researchers at the University of Arizona
Children from Poor Families Who Live in Rural Areas Face a Higher Risk of Second- and Third-Hand Exposure to Cigarette Smoke, according to an NIH-Funded Study
Feeling Angry? A Lack of Sleep Could Be Making You Mad, according to Iowa State University Research
VA Health Services Study Suggests Veterans Open to Addressing Access to Firearms for Mental Health Reasons
Michigan State University Researchers: For a Good Night's Sleep, Get Moving, Baby
Mother's Stress Level at Moment of Conception Linked to Child's Response to Social and Academic Challenges at Age 11, according to a Simon Fraser University Study
Guilt and Other Negative Emotions Fuel Alcohol Abuse among Some Non-deployed Service Members, according to University at Buffalo Researchers

Find engaging outreach publications on financial literacy, smoking cessation, anger management, suicide prevention, infant care, stress management, and alcohol abuse here.

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Upcoming Events
National events provide the opportunity for patient education and outreach on a wide variety of important health issues!
STD Awareness Month (April)
Encourage safer sex, STD testing, and prevention with this discreet reminder card and easy-to-navigate tabbed guide.
Explore publications to promote STD Awareness Month here.

Alcohol Awareness Month (April)
This interactive youth workbook and discreet reminder card describe the effects of alcohol on the body, discuss potential negative consequences, and more.
Explore publications to promote Alcohol Awareness Month here.

Distracted Driving Awareness Month (April)
Our easy-to-navigate tabbed guide and concise, informative pamphlet teach drivers young and old that texting while driving and other forms of distracted driving are not worth the risk.
Explore publications to promote Distracted Driving Awareness Month here.

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Report: The Link between Poverty and Obesity Is a Relatively New -- and Troubling -- Phenomenon
In recent decades, obesity rates have increased exponentially in the United States, with poor families disproportionately affected. A recent University of Tennessee study notes that the link between poverty and obesity emerged only in the last 30 or so years -- and in fact represents a significant departure from most of human history. Limited access to healthy food options in poor communities along with a dramatic increase in the use of high fructose corn syrup may be fueling the worrisome weight gain. "We're now investigating the effect of processed sugars on generations who were entering adulthood by 1990, when high obesity rates began to correlate with low household incomes," said study co-author Alex Bentley.
Read more here.
"Fit Family -- Nutritious Meals" Carry Bag Kit (EM91418) showcases carefully selected resources to help families understand the basics of good nutrition -- and put them into practice. This carry bag kit includes:
  • "Healthy Grocery Shopping Tips; A Pocket Minder® Card" (EM47698)A
  • "'Build A Healthy Plate!' Magnet" (EM11375)
  • "Your Child's Weight -- Keeping Tabs® On Good Health" (EM81431)B
  • "Your Family Guide To MyPlate -- Creating Personal Eating And Exercise Plans; A Self-Care Handbook" (EM93976)K
  • "Way To Grow®! Our Family's Growth Chart" (EM94144)P.
Convenient carry bag kits -- outreach that's on-the-spot and ready to go!
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