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February 13, 2019  

Study: Kids' Math Motivation Stems from Their Parents' Attitudes
When parents express their lack of confidence in their math skills and an indifference to the importance of math skills, their children are likely to adopt a similar attitude, according to researchers at Barnard College. The good news is that by approaching math in a more positive light, children can learn to be more open to math. The researchers found that when parents consistently shared humorous and upbeat bedtime stories related to math, not only did their appreciation for the value of math increase but their children performed just as well on a test of math ability as students whose parents were confident about their math skills.
Read more here.
Parenting Corner -- Helping Your Child Succeed In Math (Elementary School Edition) in English (EM92372)T and Spanish (EM92454)T highlights creative ways that parents can help their child learn math. Magazine-style articles:
  • reassure parents who may not be confident in their own math skills that they can still help their child
  • offer tips for setting a positive tone, becoming familiar with current methods of teaching math, finding everyday learning opportunities, and overcoming challenges
Includes a helpful Q&A section.

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12 pages, 8 1/2" x 11"

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7 Trending Headlines in Education News
Even Early Learners Can Benefit from Age-Appropriate Engineering Lessons, according to the Director of Professional Development for EiE, at the Museum of Science, Boston
Hobsons Report: It's Time to Expand the Definition of College and Career Readiness
School Safety Report Sparks Controversy but Also Offers Some Practical, Commonsense Strategies, according to a K12 Insight Analysis
Edutopia: Educators Should Build Stress-Management Strategies into Their Daily Instruction
Bullying Alters Teen Victim's Brain Structure, Heightening Risk of Mental Illness, according to a King's College London Study
Middle Schoolers Get a Glimpse into the Future with Early Career Planning, according to an Education Dive Article
Parents Talk Tech with Their Kids, but Not Enough about What to Watch or Download, according to a University of Michigan Study

Find parent and family engagement publications on STEM education, academic success, school climate, stress management, bullying prevention, career planning, and social media safety here.

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Upcoming Events
Boost awareness and support students and parents in your school community -- by taking advantage of national events!
Alcohol Awareness Month (April)
This coloring and sticker book for children ages 5-8 and hands-on workbook for teens ages 15-17 provide facts on alcohol, peer pressure, refusal skills, and more.
Find these and other resources to promote Alcohol Awareness Month here!

Sexual Assault Awareness Month (April)
Help families begin important discussions about healthy and unhealthy relationships, sexual decision making, and more with our magazine-style publications for parents and teens.
Find these and other resources to promote Sexual Assault Awareness Month here!

National Autism Awareness Month (April)
This durable, spiral-bound guide and interactive handbook give parents valuable, accurate information about the causes, risk factors, and red flags of autism spectrum disorders.
Find these and other resources to promote National Autism Awareness Month here!

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Beyond Grades, a Child's Prospects in Life Improve When Parents Get Involved in Their Education
While the link between parent and family engagement in education and better grades is well established, new research suggests that the benefits go well beyond improved scores. A new study from the National Research University Higher School of Economics reveals that parent involvement provides a catalyst for social mobility -- regardless of the family's income level -- and opens up opportunities for the student that can pay dividends into adulthood. The findings are important, researchers believe, in that parent involvement appears to level the playing field and help children overcome educational inequality.
Read the article here!
Your Guide To Supporting Your Child At School (EM83950)S highlights the critical role parents play in their child's education and provides practical tips to support learning. Guide explains the importance of:
  • a parent-school partnership
  • setting a foundation for learning at home
  • encouraging healthy habits
  • supporting homework efforts
  • getting to know school staff.
Features water- and tear-resistant pages plus colored subject tabs that let readers quickly access the content they need.
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32 pages, 3 3/4" x 5 1/2"

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