Research-based publications promote elementary school attendance, help prevent truancy

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As you know, success in school can play a big role in success later on in life, and it all starts with regular attendance. These materials will teach parents of elementary school students what they can do to make regular school attendance a top priority!

These resources are perfect for distribution at parent-teacher conferences, office visits, school events, or anytime you need to reach families with important information. Preview them right now online, then place an order for prompt delivery!

Parenting Corner -- Supporting Regular School Attendance (Elementary School Edition) (EM95593)T features magazine-style advice on numerous ways parents can support children's regular school attendance. Tips include:

  • giving children clear expectations about regular attendance
  • keeping in touch with school staff
  • staying involved in school activities
  • being proactive if bullying is an issue.

Also provides parents with key facts about school attendance, including the legal implications of absenteeism.

Also available in Spanish! Ask for item no. (EM95829)T.

12 pages, 8 1/2" x 11"
Item no. (EM95593)T

Fill-in sections, worksheets, and other interactive features make handbooks ideal for ongoing reference.

How To Encourage Your Child's Attendance And Success At School; A Parent's Handbook (EM93168)K underscores the importance of regular school attendance. This easy-to-read booklet:

  • suggests ways that parents can support academic success
  • offers tips to make learning a part of everyday life
  • prompts families to evaluate their goals, create reasonable rules, and foster communication.

Available in Spanish! Ask for item no. (EM93561)K.

32 pages, 8 1/2" x 11"
Item no. (EM93168)K

Tabbed table of contents lets readers flip
right to the information they need!

School Attendance -- Keeping Tabs®
On Your Elementary School Child

(EM80961)B offers advice to parents on how to help their children have a good attendance record throughout elementary school. It provides tips for:

  • making school a priority
  • supporting regular school routines
  • staying actively involved and in touch with staff
  • supporting healthy habits.

Available in Spanish! Ask for item no. (EM81331)B.

Available with a magnetic strip for posting! Ask for English item no. (EM80975)T and Spanish item no. (EM81346)T.

16 pages, 3 1/2" x 6"
Item no. (EM80961)B

Features a count-the-ways list of action-oriented information!

10 Reasons Why School Attendance Is Important (EM24045)A uses an easy-to-follow list design to help parents understand that children with good attendance are more likely to:

  • do well in school
  • develop important skills
  • perform better on standardized tests
  • enter college.

This booklet also explains the risks for students with excessive absences, such as academic failure and dropping out.

Available in Spanish! Ask for item no. (EM24061)A.

8 pages, 5 1/2" x 8"
Item no. (EM24045)A

Student Attendance -- What Parents Need To Know (EM34536)A explains the serious consequences of truancy. This helpful, easy-to-read pamphlet also:

  • outlines the most common reasons students skip school
  • discusses ways to nip truancy in the bud.

Available in Spanish! Ask for item no. (EM34817)A.

8 panels, 3 1/2" x 8"
Item no. (EM34536)A

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