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Our Count-the-Ways booklets are customer favorites because they make it easy to deliver key information in an easy-to-read-and-remember list format. With our Count The Ways To School Success Center in English (EM91049) or Spanish (EM91211), you can make sure these booklets are in easy reach whenever parents visit your school!

The center contains 50 copies each of these list-style booklets:

  • 9 Tips For Helping Your Child Learn Math in English (EM24168)A or Spanish (EM24307)A
  • 9 Ways Busy Parents Can Stay Involved In Their Child's Education in English (EM24192)A or Spanish (EM24315)A
  • 15 Tips For Your Child's School Success in English (EM23431)A or Spanish (EM23652)A
  • 14 Ways To Encourage Reading
    At Home
    in English (EM24004)A or Spanish (EM24053)A
  • 10 Reasons Why School Attendance Is Important in
    English (EM24045)A or Spanish (EM24061)A
  • 12 Ways To Support Homework Success in English (EM24151)A or Spanish (EM24290)A

Plus you'll get 3 copies of a colorful motivational poster to draw attention to the center!

All booklets are 8 pages
and measure 5 1/2" x 8".

Parents can pick and choose the titles that interest them the most, and you can feel confident knowing they're receiving accurate advice based on authoritative research. Order today for prompt delivery!

Take a close look at two of the booklets included in this center!

15 Tips For Your Child's School Success in English (EM23431)A or Spanish (EM23652)A reminds parents that their involvement is key to their child's success in school. Action-oriented tips describe ways to encourage learning every day, including:

  • reading at home
  • finding daily opportunities to help a child practice his or her academic skills
  • teaching discipline and responsibility

...and more!

8 pages, 5 1/2" x 8"
Item no. (EM23431)A

10 Reasons Why School Attendance Is Important in English (EM24045)A or Spanish (EM24061)A underscores that children with good attendance are more likely to do well in school, develop important skills, perform better on tests, enter college, and find a good job after school. Action-oriented tips also link excessive absences with:

  • greater risk of dropping out of school
  • behavioral and social problems

...and more!

8 pages, 5 1/2" x 8"
Item no. (EM24045)A

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