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As you know, one of the most serious hazards of the Internet age is how quickly threats, hoaxes, and "dares" can spread among vulnerable groups, particularly children. Take the recent "Momo challenge," for example, which many experts see as a hoax. With the media often fanning the flames, parents, educators, and other caregivers are left scrambling to understand the latest viral stunt, determine whether it's harmless or hazardous, and respond appropriately.

The research-based, easy-to-follow materials featured here can help you reinforce fundamental Internet-safety guidelines so that parents, children, and teachers have the accurate, trusted information they need to quickly recognize threats and minimize dangers. They're perfect for starting conversations about Internet safety in your school community. Order today -- and you can count on fast delivery and outstanding customer service!

Features a count-the-ways list of action-oriented information!

11 Tips For Your Child's Online Safety in English (EM24233)A and Spanish (EM24438)A provides parents with a clear picture of the risks associated with the Internet. Action-oriented tips:

  • encourage parents to discuss Internet safety with their child, explain dangers and ways to minimize them, monitor their child's online activity, set rules, and use privacy settings
  • warns about the potential consequences of sexting.

8 pages, 5 1/2" x 8"
Item no. (EM24233)A

From the experts at Prevent Child Abuse America!

Keeping Your Child Safe On The Internet (EM706915)A describes why the Internet is a risky place for children and explains why it is critical for parents to help their children stay safe online. This easy-to-understand booklet discusses:

  • parental controls, important Internet safety rules to implement, and what to do if online abuse is suspected
  • how to help children safely use social media
  • sexting and cyberbullying.

16 pages, 5 1/2" x 8"
Item no. (EM706915)A

Features interactive exercises, and includes online access to a Leader's Guide!

Who Knew?® The Internet Safety Issue (EM96061)B uses age-appropriate text, graphics, and engaging activities to help preteens build skills for online safety. This lively workbook prompts readers ages 9-11 to:

  • refrain from providing personal information
  • protect their identity with a user name
  • identify which sites are safe
  • stay aware of the risks posed by blogs, chat rooms, and other social media channels.

12 pages, 8 1/2" x 11"
Item no. (EM96061)B

Fill-in sections, worksheets, and other interactive features make handbooks ideal for ongoing reference!

Help Keep Your Family Safe From Internet Dangers; A Parent's Handbook (EM96169)K helps parents understand the dangers that accompany Internet use and encourages taking steps to minimize the risk. Enlightening handbook:

  • discusses credit card and investment fraud, identity theft, online predators, sexting, phishing
  • facilitates recording important bank, billing, and credit contact information
  • includes an Internet use agreement parents can share with their children.

32 pages, 8 1/2" x 11"
Item no. (EM96169)K

Internet safety basics -- at a glance!

"Protect Your Child Online" Cling in English (EM94262)B and Spanish (EM94730)B reminds parents that safe Internet use begins with clear boundaries. Posted on the wall by a computer, on the refrigerator, or on any other smooth surface, this colorful cling:

  • reminds parents to reinforce the rules
  • provides them with a list of important safety guidelines, ways to monitor a child's online activity, and warning signs of trouble.

Made of durable, washable vinyl. 7" x 5"
Item no. (EM94262)B

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